Wording a Radiance: Looking Forward to Spring School

‘Wording a Radiance’ is the title of Prof Dan Hardy’s last book, written with the help of others just before he died in 2007.

Dan has an honoured place at STETS, because he is one of our founding parents, theologically speaking. I use the metaphor of parenting, rather than say one from building, because he cared for STETS as a parent and always witnessed to the dynamic power of God in the world.

In the last year of his life he went on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land. At the start, he and others with him reaffirmed their baptismal vows at the headwaters of the Jordan River.

As he poured the water over his own head, he had a vision of light going deep into people and transforming them from within. He understood this to be the light and energy of the Spirit and confirmed his belief that the Spirit is primary in the Trinity: ‘The Spirit is the energy of the divine: always there at the beginning and before the beginning, right at the heart of God.’

As we approach Easter, let’s pray ‘to get caught up in the re-creative Spirit of the divine: the Trinity.’

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