Who Is Deluded: Dawkins or Christians?

Who Is Deluded: Dawkins or Christians?

More than twenty people attended a stimulating talk entitled “Who is Deluded: Dawkins or Christians?” delivered by John Morris at Sarum College on Thursday, May 31st, after which he signed copies of his new book Contemporary Creed.

Writing for Christians, Atheists and Agnostics alike, Morris explores the ‘big questions’ presented by religious belief in contemporary society, and unlike Richard Dawkins, finds no conflict between evolution, God, faith and modern science.

Contemporary Creed is available to buy from Sarum College Bookshop for £9.99

“My problem with most books on God by believers is that they treat theology as though it were a science. It’s not – and John Morris doesn’t try to pretend that it is. Most refreshing!” – John Humphreys, BBC Today, Mastermind, and author of ‘In God We Doubt’.

“John Morris addresses many significant questions about Christian belief in a careful and truth-seeking manner.” – Revd Dr John Polkinghorne, KBE, FRS, physicist and theologian.

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