Where To From Here? The Christian Vision of Life After Death

Have you ever picked up a book unexpectedly and been blown away by it?

I have no memory of when or where I got this book, but looking for something to read among a stack of books I had put aside for study, my eyes fell on Where to From Here by Brian Grogan. I picked it up and began to read. I found that I could not just read it but noticed myself stopping and ruminating and then praying almost every paragraph. I have come to the end now, and I felt compelled to begin again at a even slower pace.

Reading about Eschatology has never been an exciting experience for me but this book has opened up exciting ideas and feelings about the End Times, personally and generally. In times of disaster, bad news and cynicism this is a book that deals with the reality of our world and fills me with hope. It is not about “pie in the sky” but deals with the here and now and the joyful “intimations ” of how that will be fulfilled. If you are fearful of death, or wonder how you can speak to others about the Last Things, here is a book that without being naive treats these matters seriously and answers them well grounded in Scripture and Tradition. Enjoy a good read.

Brian Grogan SJ (2011) Where To From Here? The Christian Vision of Life After Death. Veritas Publications

Review by Sr Mairead Quigley

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