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Paul DalzellPaul Dalzell, attendee on a leadership event at Sarum College below shares his reflection on the Sarum experience.

Reproduced with kind permission.

“The following week, I went to Sarum College to do the course on leadership. As I entered, the receptionist was very helpful. He explained to me where my room was and I felt that he was genuine when he said ‘If there is anything I can do, just come and let me know.’ This same attitude I noticed in all the staff, from the other staff in the office, to the librarian, to the bookshop staff, to the kitchen staff. The food was good and I could tell that they had tried to speed up the serving by having two distribution points for each element of the meal. The showers were of the ‘water saving’ type, but I did not have to run around in circles under them to get wet and there was plenty of hot water for a responsible water-saving shower. It looked as though they had spent money on installing en-suite bathrooms in the rooms. In the hall-ways of the building was good art, and pictures of all the staff on the walls.”

“…at Sarum College, it was the myriad small things that they did that made me feel welcome and at home and sent a message ‘This place cares’, which improved my attitude of receptivity to the learning. I said ‘If they get these things right, then it is also likely that I will have a good experience in the course.’”

–  Paul Dalzell.

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