Wendy Pugh to Step Down as Clerk to Trustees

After four years of wonderful service, The Revd Wendy Pugh is to step down as Clerk to Trustees.

“Wendy has served the Trustee Body with diligence, intelligence and independence,” says James Woodward, Sarum College Principal.

“I shall miss her guidance and unassuming presence that so often articulates key questions and challenges with clarity and determination. Her minutes of meetings are a tour de force always produced quickly and efficiently.

“Above all Wendy understands the ethos and community here at 19 The Close from the inside. She is a regular participant in our learning life. We appreciate her presence and friendship.”

Wendy retired to Salisbury five years ago after sixteen years in parish ministry and, prior to ordination, work as a chartered accountant. She began her retirement with the MA in Theology, Imagination and Culture which she says was a wonderfully mind-expanding experience which has left her with a lively interest in the way spiritual truths are explored and conveyed through art.

If you would be interested in applying for this position, or volunteering at Sarum College in general, contact Christine Nielsen-Craig. Telephone 01722 424812 or email cnc@sarum.ac.uk.

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