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A recorded discussion between Professor Tom Wright, Professor of New Testament at St Andrew’s University and author of more than fifty books, the Bishop of Sherborne, Dr Graham Kings and Dr Michael DeLashmutt, former director of studies at Sarum College is now available on YouTube.

Professor Wright was guest lecturer at the 2011 Sarum Theological Lectures organised by Sarum College.

The 40-minute interviewSpire Studio discussion with Tom Wright, Graham Kings, Michael DeLashmutt has been divided into eight clips and uploaded to YouTube.

Topics discussed include ‘Politics from a Christian point of view’, ‘The anniversary of the King James Bible’ and ‘The capture of Osama bin Laden’.

“I really enjoyed being part of a conversation with the two Bishops. It’s not often you see this sort of thing happening in a recording studio, and I think a lot of people would be interested to listen in,” said DeLashmutt.

“It was a joy to welcome Professor Wright, one of our top scholars, and have such a lively, intelligent, wide-ranging discussion,” said Kings. “We hope you enjoy listening to the clips, think carefully about what’s being said, and have a look in the Bible for yourself.”

Further clips are planned in association with Sarum College, Spire FM – who provide the recording facilities – and the Learning for Discipleship and Ministry Team, which provides training for clergy and others wishing to do Bible study in Wiltshire and Dorset.

Part 1: Introducing Professor Wright and Bishop Kings

Part 2: The anniversary of the King James Bible

Part 3: Modern translations of the Bible and their use

Part 4: Kingship of Christ and the Kingdom

Part 5: Rapture Theology

Part 6: The capture of Osama bin Laden and implications

Part 7: Politics from a Christian point of view

Part 8: Conclusion

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