The Lie of the Land: Sarum College Exhibits Tim Harrisson Sculptures

The Recumbent Stone I and IITim Harrisson sculptures inspired by Wiltshire Chalk Downland, The Recumbent Stones I and II, are on display at the front of Sarum College.

These two open-ended horizontal carvings by the Hindon-based sculptor Tim Harrisson seek to draw attention to the lie of the land and are directly inspired by the open and closed forms of the South Wiltshire Chalk Downland.

They are carved in two types of Bath Stone, I in Monk’s Park and II in Westwood Ground. Bath Stone is an oolitic limestone formed in the Jurassic period 195 to 135 million years ago. Its natural softness and warm colour are sympathetic to the gentle structures and rhythms of the downs. It is comparatively easy to work allowing for a direct physical carving where improvisation and a flexibility boarding on the elastic are possible.

Recumbent Stones III, IV and V are on show outside Dorset County Hall, Dorchester.

Harrisson has works on long-term and permanent loan throughout England, including A Pattern Of Life, Third Court, Christ’s College, Cambridge; and, Wake and Within the Edge, The New Art Centre, Roche Court, Salisbury.

In 2012, Harrisson was elected to The Royal West of England Academy and participated in its Autumn Exhibition.

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