Take this Bread by Sara Miles

This book, first read several years ago has influenced me and moved me more profoundly than perhaps any other.

It has certainly helped develop & shape my thinking on ministry and the sacraments and how our faith is lived, in and out of church and its structures. In Take this Bread, Sara describes her exploration of faith from her first visits to church to her vocation & vision and her growing ministry. The story of her encounter with Christ in the Sacrament, her conversion and her understanding of what the Eucharist continues to means in both her life and ours is nothing short of a life changing read.

The prophetic naivety which she displayed and used is a strong challenge to the structures of our churches; fresh eyes, newly lit by the Spirit can see things so differently, how often do we obfuscate this with processes and past experience?! Sara writes and reflects on the living out of the Eucharist; if we really believe this, how do we live? How can we not pick up the challenge and grow in justice, hospitality, healing and above all love? It is a challenge that has spoken right into my life and given me much to reflect on as I learn how to work in and with communities, churches, structures & people, and above all how I learn to listen to the Spirit of God. I keep coming back to its themes and ideas as they help me to understand more about what our calling is as church which has at its centre a meal, a welcome and food of all sorts for everyone.

I would massively recommend reading this and her other books Jesus Freak and City of God; prepare to be challenged and excited about faith in the 21C. Sara is speaking at Greenbelt this summer too!

Review by Angi Nutt (35/08)

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