Sarum Hosts new Homes for Swifts

Four new nesting boxes tucked under the eaves of Sarum’s East Wing building await Salisbury’s arrival of swifts this year.

Swifts have long nested under the eaves of the College’s historic buildings, and elsewhere in the Cathedral Close. Around the country, however, these spaces have diminished with the demolition of old buildings, major housing refurbishment and the construction of new buildings without the nooks and crannies that make good nesting sites. The UK swift population has declined by 50% as a breeding bird during the past 20 years.

Many thanks to Jon (left) and Daniel of The Secret Garden Salisbury for installing these four new nesting boxes today (23 April 2018). We look forward to welcoming our guests in early May.

For more information on how to support the swift project, visit the Secret Garden Salisbury website.

Did you know? Swifts can clock up some 14,000 miles making their round trip to Europe and Africa each summer.

Read more about swifts here.


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