Sarum College features in Songs of Praise 29 January

Aled Jones


Aled Jones of the BBC’s Songs of Praise visited Sarum College earlier this month to film a programme about 21st century hymnwriters and discover what makes a modern classic.

The programme aired on BBC One at 5pm on Sunday 29th January 2012. View the show on the BBC iPlayer until 4 February 2012.

Read more about how and why producer Rowan Morton-Gledhill created the programme 


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2 Responses to Sarum College features in Songs of Praise 29 January

  1. Norman says:

    As a Welsman, I’m very proud of Aled and the way he’s handled his career over the years. He’s the model presenter at the BBC and has done very well for himself, without any of the scandal and nonsense that follows some other presenters who I won’t mention. Well done Aled.

  2. Gareth Jones says:

    As a Welshman just like norman above it is great so see Aled going from strength to strength on the BBC.

    Im going to show my age here but i remember the snowman which he is famous for and all the press coverage he got for doing it at the time.
    Then age took the angelic voice away (not saying he still cant sing) but its great to see him doing good since many would mould back into society after a short time of fame.

    Go Aled!!


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