Sarum Artists Exhibition: Interpretation

This contemporary art exhibition by the Sarum Artists group is based around the theme of interpretation.

Prismatics 4 by Phillip Hutchings

Interpretation is an essential part in the creation of art. It is an entirely subjective process so imposes no boundaries on the creator, or the witness, of the art. Each should gain by their own personal judgement.

The theme of this exhibition was chosen to stimulate discussion and challenge the individual artist and the observer. If you find it stimulating, confrontational or even, confusing, then it has succeeded!

The Sarum Artists group came together in 2006 after completing courses of study at Salisbury. Their aim is to encourage and promote creative work by their members. As a group they include painters, printmakers, sculptors and book-makers: there are no set boundaries.

This exhibition features work by Becca Allen, Ray Brotherton, Teresa Corona, Jenny Frazer, Penny Hewitt, Judith Kemsley, Phillip Hutchings, J.E. Manser, Sally Middleton, Judith Morane-Griffiths, Moira Ross, Jane Shepherd, Nikki Sheppard and Kate Skillings.

The exhibition is free and open daily at Sarum College until Monday 8 January 2018.

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