Traffic implications of royal visit to Salisbury Cathedral Close on 1 May 2012

Members of the Royal Family will be visiting the Cathedral Close on Tuesday 1 May as part of the city’s Jubilee celebrations. Because of this access to the close is going to be severely affected on Tuesday 1 May, and the days leading up to it.

Wiltshire Council is anticipating that thousands of people will wish to participate and/or witness the event – whether lining the streets or coming into the Close which has serious implications to traffic and security logistics. More details about the programme of events can be found on Wiltshire Council’s website.

Sunday 29 April

Teams will be starting to erect tents and marquees from noon on Sunday. There will therefore be considerable activity in the Close from that time onwards.

Monday 30 April

Although cars will be allowed into the Close on Monday, security will be tight and there will be much activity in setting up marquees and the like so there is likely to  be some delays in gaining entry.

Tuesday 1 May

No public access by vehicle (including delivery vehicles) into or out of the Close between 9am and 5pm on the day.

  • Pedestrian access to the Close will be via St Ann’s Gate only. This will be open from 10am with and police/stewards on duty.  Please note that there is likely to be queues to enter to close.
  • The High Street gate will be closed to all members of the public, with the exception of disabled visitors and those using mobility scooters.
  • The Harnham Gate will be closed to pedestrian access that day.
  • Use of the Cathedral Close as a through route  will not be permitted under any circumstances. The Harnham Gate will be closed to vehicles from Sunday 29 April to Tuesday 2 May.

Emergency plans

Emergency vehicles will be parked in the Cathedral School car park adjacent to the works yard. This will allow emergency access and egress through the Cathedral’s Works Yard which must be kept clear at all times.

In the event of emergencies: pedestrian evacuation will be via St Ann’s Gate and the Exeter Street (by the Cathedral School). Cars will exit via the High Street gate.

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