Review of 2017 Lent Books

Sarum College Bookshop has a wide range of Lent books in stock. Below, Principal James Woodward reviews some of the books available this Lent.

9781472929778Dethroning Mammon: Making Money Serve Grace by Justin Welby

This short book is well organised into six chapters and offers the possibility of a basis for Lent study on the challenging question of what might a Christian make of money and materialism. It is focused and grounded in Scripture and asks persistent and searching questions of the reader. How do we handle the power of money? Who will direct our actions and attitudes and how does following Jesus bring hope and freedom in a world ever obsessed with individualism, consumerism and materialism?

9781848259171Wilderness Taunts: Revealing Your Light by Ian Adams

This is an attractive collection of 20 meditations in word and image focused around the theme of being a hopeful human being. Adams asks his reader to listen to their fears, embrace and name them and in doing so work towards transformation. He is ingenious and creative in using the 40 days in the wilderness of Jesus as a springboard for exploring taunts and difficulties that face us today and so often throw us off balance.

9781472934284Glimpses of Glory: The Mowbray Lent Book 2017 by David Bryant

This is a wonderful book written after the author was diagnosed with terminal cancer and published following his death. He draws widely on poetry, literature, art and music. The text is grounded, refreshing, moving and revealing. Forty short chapters cover a very wide range of themes such as kindness, laughter, guilt, alienation, peace, voyaging and possessions. There is an intensity and focus which you will find transformative. The book will work well for a home group at any time of the year.

9781848259041Let Me Go There: The Spirit of Lent by Paula Gooder

Sarum College Bookshop supporters will be familiar with Paula’s work and approach to opening up Scripture. This completes her series of short books tackling the seasons of the church year. The question for us is this: how does God meet us in the desert? Written certainly with an eye to providing resource material for Lent groups each of the chapters offers a focus of questions for discussion and pointers for further reflection. Accessible, clear and engaging – are part of this writer’s attraction for the general reader.

9781848259072Hanging by a Thread: The Questions of the Cross by Samuel Wells

The arresting and compelling organising theme of this book is this ‘there was a time when the cross was an answer – today the cross is a question’. This short, tightly argued but fluent book considers the risk, cost and suffering of the cross in the light of six key contemporary concerns. They are the reliability of history; the fragility of trust; mortality; meaning; the nature of power; and, the character of love. Rich, engaged and stimulating – this book would make a good base for a study group at any time of the year. It is easy to see why Wells is such a popular communicator in today’s church.

9780281077038A Good Year edited by Mark Oakley

Talks do not easily translate themselves into the written word but Oakley has gathered together seven bishops who explore the simple question: what can we do to make the seasons good? Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, Lent, Holy Week, Easter and Pentecost are all looked at from a rich diversity of perspectives. The final chapter on Pentecost is offered by our own Karen Gorham, Bishop of Sherborne. Stimulating and mostly helpful this book could be profitably used for private study or as a base upon which to explore our journey through the seasons of the churches year.

9780281076239The Things He Did: The Story of Holy Week by Stephen Cottrell

Cottrell continues to engage and communicate with an energy and connectivity which are attractive and stimulating. Six chapters concentrate on the events around Holy Week from Palm Sunday through to Good Friday. The writing is focused and reflective and digs deeply into Scripture. There are helpful pointers for reflection around passages of Scripture at the end of each chapter.

1501535-coverNo Body but Yours: Lent Reflections on a Prayer by Teresa of Avila by Paul Cox

For the reader who wants to put their Christian faith into practice this may well be the book that enables and empowers such social action. Cox users the prayer of Teresa of Avila to open up the simple but profound question: how do we show Jesus? This book is written specifically for groups and includes a short act of quiet and worship. Scripture is often used to be read dramatically and for the participants to reconnect with familiar passages. At all points the reader within the study group is asked to think about action.

9780857465122The Living Cross: Exploring God’s Gift of Forgiveness and New Life by Amy Boucher Pye

This carefully organised and well written book attempts to get inside the freeing and changing nature of forgiveness. Forty Seven reflections cover the whole of Lent grounded in Scripture and tradition offering a searching and challenging engagement with the heart of our faith.






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