Relationships by Sophie Ryder

028--Sophie-Ryder---18thNovember2015---by-Ash-Mills_webThe monumental wire and bronze sculptures of artist Sophie Ryder will be exhibited in Salisbury’s Cathedral Close from February 12th.

The sculpture display is part of a city-wide exhibition of Ryder’s work led by Salisbury Cathedral.  Sarum College is among the participating venues, which includes Salisbury Museum and The Young Gallery.

Through her wire sculptures and bronze Minotaur and Lady-Hare series, Sophie investigates relationships. A blend of human and animal forms lend otherness to the subjects and the range of emotions they express.


Girl on Horse etching

The bronze sculpture, Kneeling Lovers with Dogs, will be exhibited at the front of the College.

From 16 February, the exhibition continues inside the College with ink on paper, etchings, screen and solar prints.

Relationships, curated by Jacquiline Creswell, opens on 12 February with sculptures and life-size bronzes in the Cathedral Close with further works installed inside the Cathedral from 9 April. A recreation of a studio environment exploring how Sophie works opens at Salisbury Museum on 20 February. Salisbury’s Young Gallery is exhibiting paintings, smaller 3D work and wire drawings from 7 May to 18 June.

Exhibition Times & Dates

Sarum College
Free and open daily from 12 February for outdoor sculptures (indoor works from 16 February) through to 3 July

Salisbury Cathedral
Exterior exhibition 12 February to 3 July 2016; interior exhibition 9 April to 3 July 2016
Free guided art tours plus group craft activities on request (subject to availability)

Salisbury Museum
Recreation of studio environment 20 February to 9 July
£6 group tickets

Young Gallery Salisbury
Smaller 3D work and wire drawings from 7 May to 18 June

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5 Responses to Relationships by Sophie Ryder

  1. Eric G Hart says:

    The sort of sculpted rubbish that Sophie Ryder chooses to create is exactly the sort of thing that was commissioned from model makers for the film and television industry for over half a century before pixar animation took over. The craftspeople who made such items did not make inflated claims for themselves as being ‘artists’. They would not have had the gall. Had they done so they would have been ridiculed. The models these craft skilled people created were, for the most part, destroyed once finished with. They certainly would not have been put on public display around cathedrals. That the Salisbury Close manipulators now choose to do so only goes to demonstrate how artistic discernment has deteriorated in the last half century.

  2. bella says:

    I think the sculptures are beautiful.

  3. Hilary Nicholson says:

    I have just read Eric Hart’s comments and I have to say that I think the sculptures by Sophie Ryder are lovely and look fabulous in the Cathedral Close.
    Is Eric Hart an artist or someone that is critical about everything or just plain jealous of someone who is talented!!!!

  4. phil says:

    The sculptures are wonderful and make a positive contribution to Salisbury and the cathedral environment.

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