Poetry Reading and Book Launch with Malcolm Guite

img_3854-sepia_webMalcolm Guite entertained a crowd at Sarum College for a poetry reading and book launch.

Malcolm is the Chaplain of Girton College, Cambridge. He writes about the interface between theology and the arts, more specifically theology and literature.

He has special interests in Coleridge and CS Lewis and is a prolific poet. His recent books include Sounding the Seasons, Word in the Wilderness and The Singing Bowl. He is also known as a singer-songwriter and fronts the band Mystery Train. Malcolm gives regular poetry and music performances both in the UK and the US. He was also on the judging panel of the recent Church Times ‘100 Best Christian Books’. Copies of his books will be on sale, including his new book, Reflections for Lent 2015.



I turn a certain key within its wards,
Unlock my doors and set them open wide
To entertain a company of words.
Whilst some come early and with eager stride
Others must be enticed and coaxed a little,
The shy and rare, unused to company,
Who’ll need some time to feel at home and settle.
I bid them welcome all, I make them free
Of all that’s mine, and they are good to me,
I set them in the order they like best
And listen for their wisdom, try to learn
As each unfolds the other’s mystery.
And though we know each word is my free guest,
They sometimes leave a poem in return.

“Malcolm Guite’s poetic sequence is fresh and wholly contemporary, yet richly rooted in tradition. Using the sonnet form with absolute naturalness as he traces the year and its festivals, he offers the reader – whether Christian or not – profound and beautiful utterance which is patterned but also refreshingly spontaneous. Sounding the Seasons is an important poetic event, and one that invites readers to share both celebration and soul-searching”.

Grevel Lindop, poet and literary critic


“Malcolm Guite knows exactly how to use the sonnet form to powerful effect”.

Rowan Williams

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