No More Stuff (except books): Give the gift of learning instead

 With the (huge) exception of books, who needs more clutter?

The head of IKEA himself announced years ago that we’d reached peak ‘stuff’ and scientists in California have research showing that money spent on experiences give more satisfaction rather than material items.  

The thrill of buying something fades more quickly than the joy and memories of experiences.

And there are too many studies to count, from all over the world, that link learning and well-being. Educational achievement is associated with a wide range of positive outcomes – including better health and higher social trust.   

Put all that together and you have three great reasons to give Sarum College courses as gifts to friends and family.

Take advantage of our special offer to book five days of courses by 15 December 2019 to get one-day course for free. We can send you course vouchers for those you’d like to give as gifts.

Browse our course calendar here. Visit our Booking Information page for full terms and conditions.

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