New Era for Butterfield Wing at Sarum College

An excerpt from Bishop Nicholas Holtam’s speech on May 22nd, 2013

“We can all enjoy the past and the traditions of this place, and there are great stories about it. There is also a really interesting present which creates something of significance and substance for the diocese, for the regional church ecumenically – not just the CoE – and there is a national significance of Sarum College now.

I am very struck by the mix of the organisations that belong here, and I think we know, we know deep down that it’s better together. That the whole is greater than the sum of the parts, and therefore there’s energy here in a way that I think hasn’t been here for some time. Now we need to capitalise on that and use it. We’ve completed a phase, we’re thrilled – it’s a great achievement!

There’s a lot more still to do physically, and I think much more important in terms of the relationship of the organisations, in service of the wider church. So I’m deeply thankful for what’s been done; I’m really grateful to be a bishop with Sarum College and the other organisations that belong here contributing so strongly to the life of the church. But I do think there’s a prize to be won, which is for the sake of the future.

This place has a strong and considerable future that we look forward working for and with.
What an exciting future there is if we can grasp it and recognise how much better it is together.”

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