Money For Old Curtains: Student Fundraiser Brings £1420

STETS-CESoft furnishings from the 1970s offer Sarum more than nostalgia.

Two years ago Ness Whiffin, a student on the Southern Theological Training and Education Scheme (STETS) approached Sarum College Principal Keith Lamdin to ask whether their group might have the green bold patterned curtains in the dining room, given the refurbishment planned for December 2011.

Not long after, Ness wrote to say the curtains were “now laundered and ready for creating into something amazing!”

The group used the material to make a variety of items, including stoles, waistcoats, Bible covers and bookmarks to sell at clerical clothing fairs.

Thanks to the generosity of the 37-10 STETS group, Sarum College has benefited from the proceeds – we received cheques totalling £1420 in 2013. A huge thank you to the 37-10 group for their creative endeavours!

We welcome any other fundraising ideas out there. For more information on how you might be able to support Sarum College visit our dedicated page or get in touch with us.

Email or telephone 01722 424812

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