Studying at Sarum College

In training for ordination and lay ministry, you will enjoy the many resources of Sarum College. For residential learning you stay in the College’s comfortable single bedrooms, most of which are en-suite.

Lovely food is cooked and served on site, and the Common Room provides a bar and space for continued conversation into the evening.

Teaching rooms are well equipped. The library is well-stocked with access to a large catalogue of books and journals. There is also an on-site bookshop which will offer you preferential prices as a student. Both the bookshop and library staff are happy to post books where necessary. You will be able to make use of these facilities when you like during the course, and some use the library outside of residential periods if they are passing for work or as a study day.

Each student year group brings a rich diversity of tradition and experience. You will share the treasures of your own tradition, and be exposed to new ideas about church life and worship. Ordinands lead worship in the College’s Butterfield Chapel at residential weekends.

The core staff in the Centre for Formation in Ministry provide you with pastoral and academic support when at college or at home, as well as teaching on the modules. Other experts come in to supplement the teaching programme with specialist knowledge as required.

For your personal learning, you will need to have somewhere quiet for study on a regular basis. You will also need a reasonable broadband connection, an up-to-date computer with word processing software and a camera. Many find a laptop most convenient as it allows work at college too. Headphones and a microphone are needed for online tutorials. These can be found easily at reasonable prices. A printer is invaluable for personal study and printing notes.

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