Meet Anne Mantle, Licensed Lay Ministry Student at Sarum

12 Anne Mantle - cropped headshotSarum College works in partnership with Salisbury Diocese to train Licensed Lay Ministers (LLMs). Meet one of our students, Anne Mantle, who began her training in 2015.

A bit about you – what’s your background?

I have been helping with church services for some years in my local parish and had also been a churchwarden. After being churchwarden, I wondered how I could continue to serve God. One of the clergy suggested I think about LLM. I was attracted by having some formal training and study to improve on what I was doing, also I had more time in my life and wished to know more of the Bible, of God and grow his Kingdom. After a time of prayer by others and myself as well as a discernment process, I started the training.

What attracted you to lay ministry?

I remember a Reader in a formative church many years ago, when I was young, and I thought, “that could be something for the future – a way of serving”. Lay ministry is a way of serving God in a local community.

How would you describe the contribution lay ministry makes to the work of the church?

Lay ministry makes a substantial contribution to the church as lay ministers have a great number of roles which they do voluntarily, inspired by God (hopefully), working alongside ordained clergy. The main roles seem to be preaching and teaching contexts as well as various pastoral roles. LLMs may be chaplains.

What is your experience of doing LLM training?

I was prayerfully told at the beginning that it would be challenging and take me in unexpected directions. And it certainly has done and is challenging – but in a good Christian sense of relying on God more. Training at Sarum College has more than fulfilled my expectations. It is hard work to fit study and formational aspects into my everyday life but it has been personally rewarding, enriching my Christian journey. Also I am applying training to teaching and pastoral aspects within the parish and beyond.

LLM training is part of a broad spectrum of learning opportunities in Ministry and Mission, as well as in other specialist areas of theology, spirituality, liturgy and leadership.

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