Lingering Ghosts Exhibition by Sam Ivin

This exhibition by photographer Sam Ivin displays hand-scratched portraits of those seeking asylum in the UK, living in a state of limbo as they await news of their application for months or even years.

Their stories recount the experience of lost identity and frustration as they wait to learn their fate. Yet as we learn from the documented conversations, we recognise them as fathers, mothers, sons and daughters – human beings, after all.

Sam Ivin is a photographer whose work focuses on social issues and the people connected with them. Alongside the images, Sam documents stories and perspectives to offer a more personal, tangible understanding of his subjects.

Lingering Ghosts has been included at the Circulation(s) Festival in Paris, the Identità Negate show at Galleria del Cembalo, Rome and at the 2016 Athens Photo Festival. The ‘Green Lady’ Pakistan portrait won The GMC First Prize at Royal Birmingham Society of Artists Photograph Prize. The exhibition has also been featured by WIRED and WEX Photographic.

The exhibition is free and open daily from Saturday 19 August to Monday 25 September.

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