Special Collections

SpecialCollectionsSarum College Library has a number of special collections and archives.

Please make an appointment with library staff if you would like to see any of them other than the Church Music Resource, which is in the main library.

Church Music Resource

The Library has a collection of sheet music, books and CDs which together with a CD player and keyboard make up the Church Music Resource.

Rare Book Collection

Some 5,000 antiquarian books are in the library’s ‘stack’. The earliest is a tiny bible from 1545. The books are mainly on theology, but include some history and other subjects. A few of the books are unique to this library; some of the others are only to be found in the major university libraries or the British Library. The books are of interest to scholars and researchers, and may be viewed by appointment.

Christian Socialism Archive

The Christian Socialism Archive was supported by the Christian Socialist Movement, now known as Christians on the Left. The Christian Socialism Archive is open to all on request.

Contents include:

  • Christian Socialist Magazine from issue 1.
  • the annual Tawney Memorial Lectures.
  • CSM pamphlets
  • recruitment leaflets
  • conference / event leaflets
  • CSM Conference / Event Speeches
  • miscellaneous speeches
  • a few books

Additions to the archive are welcomed.

Local History Collection

Sarum library houses an important local history collection, much of which came from the now defunct ‘Sowter and Clerical Library’. The collection includes ‘Notes and Queries’ from 1906 onwards, ‘Dorset Natural History and Antiquarian Field Club’ from the end of the last century to 1937 (incomplete), The ‘Sarum Almanack’ from 1857 – 1960 (incomplete), and the ‘Salisbury Diocesan Gazette’ from 1888 – 1933 (again incomplete). These may be consulted in the library on application.

Nineteenth Century Pamphlets

Among the library’s historical works is a collection of 274 bound volumes of pamphlets covering mainly nineteenth century tracts, sermons and letters.

The Tom Baker Papers

The library holds an archive of the papers of Tom Baker, former principal of the ‘Salisbury and Wells Theological College’.

Michael Vasey’s Liturgical Archive

Michael Vasey was a member of the Church of England’s Liturgical Commission for many years, and an influential figure behind many of the ‘Common Worship’ services.
He died in 1998, having recently begun to bring some order to the papers relating to his liturgical interests and involvement. He had expressed in writing the wish that these papers should be available to the Institute for Liturgy and Mission at Sarum College, in the care of Mark Earey (who was a staff member at the time).

The files contain papers relating to the broad areas of Michael’s involvement in the field of liturgy:

  • the Church of England’s Liturgical Commission
  • the ecumenical Joint Liturgical Group (JLG)
  • the international ecumenical English Language Liturgical Consultation (ELLC)
  • the Roman Catholic Pastoral Liturgy Committee, on which he was the Church of England observer for many years
  • GROW (the Group for Renewal of Worship) and Grove booklets in the fields of worship, liturgy and spirituality
  • Praxis
  • the Durham diocesan liturgical committee
  • general liturgical correspondence
  • material relating to the Church of England report ‘On the Way’ about patterns of nurture in the faith and the catechumenate – all of which was background to the Common Worship Initiation Services
  • material relating to the liturgy of reconciliation, which was the subject of a projected volume of essays connected to possible future liturgical provision in the Church of England.

Note: In general the material archived here relates directly to Michael’s involvement and thinking in these areas: it does not include general archive material (except in some cases where the general context is required for understanding). For instance, for full copies of minutes, papers, etc. for the Liturgical Commission, the Church of England’s central archive for the period would need to be consulted. The selection retained here relate to Michael’s active contribution, or reveal his thinking, or contain his annotations.

On Mark Earey’s departure (and the effective ending of the Institute for Liturgy and Mission), the archive was retained at Sarum College with the agreement of the Principal, Canon Bruce Duncan, on the understanding that, should the teaching of liturgy cease altogether at the college, the files would be released back into the care of Mark Earey for further consideration as to the most appropriate place for them to be kept.
(Mark Earey, February 2002)

Graham Chadwick Archive

The library houses a small archive of the papers of the Right Reverend Graham Chadwick, one of the founding members of Sarum College and first director of the Institute for Christian Spirituality.