Complete Journal Holdings

Current and ‘closed runs’ of journals, with holdings

AAR – see Journal of the American Academy of Religion
Abundant life : the church’s ministry of healing, 1986 – 1990 (incomplete)
Anaphora : the journal of the Society for Liturgical Study, 2002-
Anglican theological review, 2002-
Anvil: an Anglican evangelical journal for theology and mission, 1984-1998
Art and Christianity enquiry bulletin, 2000-
Assumpta, 2007 – 2011
AVE: Society of Mary. Quarterly notes, 2001-2013 (incomplete)

British journal of religious education, 1978 – 2004 (incomplete)
British journal of theological education, 1987-2004

Cathedral news,  2002
CBA Wessex news, 2002-
Changing attitude, 2003-2009
Chrism (formerly ‘Saint Raphael Quarterly’), 1996-2000
Christian, 1973-1987. Became ‘Christian – Living for a change’; incorporated ‘Grassroots’ and ‘New Fire’, 1987-1990
Christian spirituality bulletin, 1993-2000 (incomplete).  Became ‘Spiritus’
Church building, 1967-2005 (incomplete)
Church music quarterly, 2001-
Church of England newspaper (was ‘Christian week’), 6 months
Church quarterly review, 1875-1968. Became ‘Church quarterly’
Church times, 6 months
Cistercian studies, 1969-1991. Became ‘Cistercian studies quarterly’
Cistercian studies quarterly, 1991-  Was ‘Cistercian studies’
Concilium, 2001-
Confraternity of St James bulletin, 2004-2009
Contact : the interdisciplinary journal of pastoral studies, 1963-2007 (incomplete)
Country way : life and faith in rural Britain, 1992-2012, 2016-
Crucible, 1962-
Currents in Biblical research, 2000-2014

Dharma Deepika: a South Asian journal of missiological research, 1996-20011 (incomplete)
Discernment: an ecumenical journal of inter-religious encounter, 1986-1998 (incomplete)
Discourse: learning and teaching in philosophical and religious studies, 2003-2011 (incomplete).
Distinctive diaconate news, 1998-2012
Distinctive news of women in ministry, 1998-2012 (incomplete)
Downside Review, 1949-1980 (incomplete)

Eastern churches review, 1970-1971. Became ‘Sobornost’
Ecclesiology : the journal for ministry, mission and unity, 2004- (incomplete)
Ecotheology, 1996-2006.  Became ‘Journal for the Study of Religion, Nature and Culture’
Ecumenical Review, 1956-2005 (incomplete)
EEF-NET, , 2000-2006 (incomplete). Was ‘Lay and study centre newsletter’ and ‘Education newsletter’
Encounter and exchange, 1970-1995
Encounters on the edge, 1999-2013
Epworth review, 1976-2011 (incomplete)
European Anglican, latest issue
Expository times, 1889- (incomplete)

Faith and worship, 1980-1994 (incomplete)
Feminist theology : journal of the Britain and Ireland School of Feminist Theology, 1991-
The Franciscan, 1964- (incomplete)
The friends quarterly, 1980-2000 (incomplete)
Future first, 2010-

Guild of prayer, 1989-1991 (incomplete)

Harvard Business Review, 2010-
Hatcher review : Wessex history of more than local interest, 1976-2000 (incomplete)
Horizons in biblical theology, 1979-1993 (incomplete)
Hospital chaplain: the quarterly magazine of the hospital chaplains’ fellowship, 1971-1992 (incomplete)

IMAgenda, 1996-2011
In illos tempore : Ushaw library bulletin and liturgical review, 1996-2004 (incomplete)
Inside out : journal of the council for world mission, 1997-2012 (incomplete)
International bulletin of missionary research, 1999-2013 (incomplete)
International review of mission, 1912-1966, 2000-2005
Interpretation: a journal of Bible and theology, 1967-1996 (incomplete)

Journal for the study of religion, nature and culture, 2007-
Journal for the study of the historical Jesus. Leiden: Brill, 2008-
Journal for the study of the new testament, 1978- (incomplete)
Journal for the study of the old testament, 1976- (incomplete)
Journal of American academy of religion, 1993-2007 (incomplete)
Journal of biblical literature, 1978-2013 (incomplete)
Journal of ecclesiastical history, 1950- (incomplete)
Journal of ecumenical studies, 1964-1985 (incomplete)
Journal of feminist studies in religion, 1985-1995
Journal of medical ethics, 1981-1988 (incomplete)
Journal of pastoral care, 1983-2001 (incomplete)
Journal of psychological type, 1979-2002
Journal of religion, 1987-1994
Journal of religion and popular culture (on line)
Journal of theological studies, 1899- 2017 (incomplete)
Justice reflections : worldwide papers linking Christian ideas with matters of justice. Lincoln: Justice Reflections, 2002-2009 (incomplete)

Leadership, 2010-2013
Learning for living, 1961-1978.  Became “British Journal of Religious Education”
Literature and theology: an international journal of religion, theory and culture, 2000-2001; 2011 –
Liturgy, 1947-1999 (incomplete)
London quarterly and Holborn review, 1962-1968 . Fomerly called “Holborn Review” and “London Quartely Review”.  Became ‘Church Quarterly’
Louvain studies : a quarterly review of the Faculty of Theology Katholieke Universiteit Leuven Herent, 2002- (incomplete)

The Merton journal: journal of the Thomas Merton society of Great Britain and Ireland, 1998- (incomplete)
Methodist recorder, 6 months
Ministerial formation, 1981-2008 (incomplete)
Ministers-at-work : the journal for Christians in secular ministry, 2003-2017 (incomplete)
Ministry, 2003-2012
Ministry and liturgy, 1999-2001
Ministry today, 1994- 2018 (incomplete)
Modern believing, 1994- (incomplete)
Modern churchman, 1964-1993 (incomplete)
Modern liturgy, 1982-1999 (incomplete)
Modern theology, 1984- (incomplete)
The month : a review of Christian thought and world affairs, 1865-1997
Mount Carmel : a quarterly review of the spiritual life, 2002-2011
Music and liturgy, 1974-1998 (incomplete)

New Christian, 1965-1976
New fire, 1976-1986 (incomplete)
New testament studies, 1954- (incomplete)

Organisational and Social Dynamics, 2008-2012

Pastoral review, 2005-
Political theology, 2000-2006
Practical theology, 2008-2017
Praxis news of worship : supporting and resourcing the liturgical life of the Church of England, 2004-

Prayer Book Today, 2018-
Presence : an international journal of spiritual direction, 2005- (incomplete)
Proceedings of the Wesley historical society, 1942-2001 (incomplete)

Quaker studies, 2008-2010

Reform, 2005-
Religious studies, 1965-2013 (incomplete)
Resurgence, 2000-
Runnymede bulletin, 1992-1994. Was “Race and immigration”
Rural theology : international, ecumenical and interdisciplinary perspectives, 2007-

Sarum chronicle : the history of Salisbury and its district, 2001-200
Scottish journal of theology, 1948- (incomplete)
Sobornost, 1961- (incomplete). Formerly “Eastern churches review” and “Fellowship of St Alban and St Sergius journal”
Sourozh: a journal of orthodox life and thought 1980-1998 (incomplete)
Spirituality, 1996- (incomplete)
Spirituality and health international, 2006-2008
Spirituality today, 1989-1992 (incomplete)
Spiritus : a journal of Christian spirituality, 2004-(incomplete)
Spode house review, 1964-1975 (incomplete)
Studia liturgica: an international ecumenical quarterly for liturgical research and renewal, 1962-
Studies in Christian ethics, 1988- (incomplete)
Studies in spirituality, 1991-

The tablet, 1979-
Theology, 1920-(incomplete)
Third way, 1999-2016

Vetus testamentum, 1955-1993 (incomplete)
Voices from the third world, 2000-2006

The way: a review of contemporary Christian spirituality, 1961- (incomplete)
The way supplement, 1966-2002 (incomplete)
Weavings: “Woven together in life”: a journal of the Christian spiritual life, 1986-2016 (incomplete)
Wiltshire local history forum, 2002-
Women’sphilosophy review, 1998-2004
World faiths encounter, 1992-2002
Worship, 1963- (incomplete)

Yes, 2003-2008