Library Book Cleaning Project Blog:

We are surprised to realise that it’s just over a year since we started. How quickly the time has passed!

I recall my earlier fascination with A Survey of Mr. Hobbes his Leviathan, and my romantic notions of possible 17 century fake ostrich skin binding. 
The reported government preparations for possible civil unrest in the event of the looming No-Deal Brexit, might give the Leviathan an unexpected relevance. Who knows who might take seeds of inspiration from Thomas Hobbes? 
Nothing and everything changes…

One change that is happening at Sarum College is the automation of certain doors. The solid entrance doors, the library doors and the accessible loo doors will no longer be a heavy struggle. I look forward to this with mixed feelings. Pushing buttons is great for independence, bad for social interaction.
Rolling out of the lift on floor one, seeing the library shine a welcome through the wide open doors at the end of the long corridor, where Jayne has prepared for my arrival, has lightened my heart even on dark days. I will miss that. 

The Library Project is proving to be so much more than I’d imagined when I was initially approached about cleaning and cataloguing old books. My library morning has become one of the high points of my week!

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