Lectionary Reading Blog for 2 April: 5th Sunday of Lent

The lament of Israel in v.11 seems to offer the image of this amazing vision.

“Our bones have dried up” they complain, “our hope is lost” and “we are cut off”.

I appreciate the sense of being cut off as a loss of hope, it is something I might experience myself. I do not understand the dried up bones so well. What do they mean with this? Are they speaking of their death? Do they feel dead even while alive?

In Ezekiel’s vision this lament, “our bones have dried up” becomes an image of Israel. A valley full of dry bones. Do we ever feel like this about our own faith communities? As if, we are a valley of dry bones? It is a strong image even if one that does not really chime with our climate. God’s response is wind or breath also translated as Spirit (ruah) rather than blood or water. I would think dry bones need a beating heart, but God knows dry bones need breath, air, space to breathe, Spirit. When our communities sometimes feel like a valley full of dry bones, do we pray for God’s wind to blow life into us?

2 April 2017
Ezekiel 37: 1-14

This weekly blog on one of the lectionary readings is by Anna-Claar Thomasson-Rosingh, Director of Studies for the Centre for Formation in Ministry.

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