Leaving the Reason Torn: Book Launch with Alison Goodlad

Thursday 28 June at 4pm

Alison Goodlad, a student on Sarum’s MA in Theology, Imagination and Culture has had her book published, and will launch it at Sarum College Bookshop on Thursday 28 June.

The book is entitled ‘Leaving the Reason Torn: Re-thinking the Cross and Resurrection through R.S. Thomas’, and has a foreword by Richard Harries.

Free entry  |  All welcome  |  Tea & Cake

For more information, or to RSVP email
bookshop@sarum.ac.uk or phone 01722 326899


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3 Responses to Leaving the Reason Torn: Book Launch with Alison Goodlad

  1. Rev Mike Catling says:

    Having spent 2004/5 engaged in a part time research Masters Degree into the life & poetry of R S Thomas, I have just finished reading Alison’s book, which I have very much appreciated. Her focus on the cross and resurrection in his poetry will indeed offer readers an alternative (and often negelected) approach to the theology of these central elements of the Christian faith. As one engaged in rural parish ministry this book is pastorally significant as well as offering food for thought in the teaching of the cross & resurrection. Above all, how wonderful to have a ‘poetic’ approach to this subject allowing for both exploration & encounter in relation to the spiritual life. Thank you!

    • Jenny Monds says:

      Thanks for your comment. The book has been very popular. We were delighted to have the launch here, as Alison was a former student.
      Jenny Monds
      Bookshop Manager

  2. John Stott says:

    I agree wholeheartedly with Mr. Catling. Indeed I felt of her book something of what Keats felt about Chapman’s Homer. She is the first writer I have known who found some virtue in post-modernism. She is extremely well read and her quotations adroitly chosen. As I read and re-read her I keep saying “Yes!” A book to ponder and to treasure.

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