Learnings from Leading

This series of 13 short videos are from a talk Keith Lamdin, Principal of Sarum College gave to the clergy of the Barking episcopal area.

With thanks to Johnny from All Saints Woodford Wells who recorded the talk.

Part 1: We all lead, it is essential to human self esteem, but when that natural human ability is attached to a position of leadership then leadership is hard.

Part 3: Stay curious and passionate at the same time

Part 5: Nurture discontent

Part 7: Vision and purpose are different and you need to attend to both

Part 9: Recruiting new colleagues is very important

Part 11: Believe in what you cannot easily see – the unconscious and the spiritual

Part 13: The future of the organisation is much more important than your future

Part 2: Embodiment and breath and voice are three of the most important aspects of your leading

Part 4: Handle the opposing forces of optimism and reality

Part 6: Practise courage that comes with wisdom

Part 8: Do not leave it to get better on its own

Part 10: Find key people you can trust – either inside or outside the organisation

Part 12: Never stop learning about yourself, your motivations, your blind spots and buttons that can be pushed, your delusions both of grandeur and of uselessness

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