Theology Quest and Questions 2012-13

Logo of TQQ by Sophie HackerAll Christians do theology (and they are not alone in this!) but rarely are they given the chance to explore the inner coherence that gives Christian thought its unique character. The aim of this course is to open up the study of Christian theology to those who want to know what they believe, why they believe it, and whether they should keep on believing it.

It begins with an overview of the different ways in which Christians do their theological thinking: with the Bible, in worship and prayer, with theologians, with creeds and with art. Upon this foundation students will explore the content of Christian belief, covering the major topics that have generated dispute and debate, captured the imagination of some of the most creative thinkers, and energised ordinary Christian people in their daily witness.

As well as discovering and exploring the rich heritage of Christian theology the course will shed light on how Christians can use theology to wrestle with important contemporary concerns and live wisely in a challenging world.

Price      £5 per session  |  £45 per term  |  £60 per term for essay writers

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Term One

25 September
Theology and the Bible: how the Bible functions as a theological resource

2 October
Theology in the Church: creeds and heresies

9 October
Theology and prayer: worship and belief

16 October
Theology with theologians: an introduction to some theological schemes

23 October
Theology through art

30 October
God the Trinity

6 November
God and creation

13 November
Made in the image of God

20 November
The Fractured image

27 November
Living in creation: perspectives on ethics