Auditing Modules

All postgraduate course modules are open to everyone, so you may enrol on any MA module as an “auditor” without registering for an accredited programme such as the full MA.

An auditor participates in a module in exactly the same way as students on the MA, but does not prepare an essay at the end of it.

As modules are designed for postgraduate study the treatment of topics are at an advanced level. Graduates and those with relevant professional experience should be able to follow the content and participate fully. Courses generally require preparatory time for the preliminary reading.

Non-MA (auditing) prices for all modules are:
£385 non-residential; £560 residential (en-suite)

Residential prices includes all meals and refreshments. Non-residential price includes all meals and refreshments with the exception of breakfast.

For bookings and enquiries for any of Sarum College’s postgraduate modules, contact Chris Whimpenny, MA Administrator.

We recommend downloading booking forms to your computer and then opening them with Adobe Reader to maintain full compatibility.

Auditing at Sarum Q&A

What does ‘auditing’ mean?
Auditing an MA module at Sarum College means that you are attending a module for interest, but are not enrolled as an accredited student. You are therefore not required to write assignments or complete seminar presentations, and you will not receive credits for your attendance.

Can I always audit a module?
The modules are designed to form part of the MA programmes and students are required to attend modules to progress their programme of study. Registered students therefore have priority, should spaces be tight. However, we have as yet not had to turn any auditor away.

As an auditor, do I get exactly the same information and materials as the MA students?
Mostly. MA students will receive Programme Handbooks and Essay Guidelines etc, something which auditors of course don’t need to refer to. That said, if you spot something that piques your interest, just ask the Academic Administrator for a copy.

If I book, do I receive any pre-course materials?
Yes. About three weeks before the module residential, instructions about how to access the preparatory reading and a timetable will be circulated to both auditing and registered students.

Does the information in that pre-course materials change?
Sometimes. A lecture may have to be swapped with another one if, say, an external lecturer suddenly needs to change their travel arrangements. However, the outline timings (e.g. when to arrive on the Monday and when to leave on the Thursday) should stay the same, as should the pre-reading details. A final version of the timetable will always be printed and available at the start of the module.

Do I have to read all the books listed in the module handbook?
No. You are attending the module for interest only and may dip in and out as you please. However, you may find that you get more out of the auditing experience if you work through the prescribed pre-reading.

Am I allowed to ask questions during classes?
Yes – all students are encouraged to participate fully.

Can I use the Library?
Yes, your course fee gives you Sarum College Library membership for the duration of the module (usually around 2 months). We try to allow auditors as much access as we can to all our student services so you can borrow books and access the Library’s online resources. However, you won’t have access to Winchester University’s online resources. You may also choose to become a library member independently for a small annual fee (Reading rights are £40pa; borrowing rights, £50pa)

Can I stay for the duration of the module?
Yes of course, the prices to stay during the teaching week are shown on the booking form. These discounted educational rates also apply to overnight stays for the night before and the night after the teaching module. If you wish to be resident in College for a longer period, normal rates apply to overnight stays.

Do I get an opportunity to give the module convenor feedback?
Yes, definitely. Feedback is an essential mechanism for Sarum College to monitor and improve its postgraduate provision. You will receive module feedback forms during the week. Please complete and return – we read every form and note every concern and/or point of praise.

I really enjoyed the module and want to audit more modules – where can I find further information?
Details of all future modules are available to view on our website. Our annual course brochure is a great resource too.

I really enjoyed the module and am now interested in learning more about the MAs – where can I find further information?
Head to our prospective students page, which lists information on module dates and testimonials from current students. You can also contact the Academic Administrator, the relevant Programme Leader, or the Academic Dean. Click here for contact details.

I have questions that are not covered anywhere within this FAQ. Who can I ask?
In the first instance contact the MA Administrator on 01722 424827 or