Centre for Contemporary Spirituality

This Centre offers academic, vocational, personal and devotional opportunities to explore spirituality widely, with courses for continuing ministerial development, and intellectual and professional growth and renewal.

Dr Karen O’Donnell is the Centre coordinator and programme leader for the MA in Christian Spirituality. Dr O’Donnell is a feminist, ecumenical, practical theologian whose interdisciplinary research interests span theology, spirituality, and pedagogy.

Comment from the Francis and the Sultan course (Sept 2019):

‘(This course) has impacted my thinking more deeply than I expected and left me with a lot I still have to process. I found myself asking questions about Islam that I have not felt a need to know the answers to before – and aware of the barriers on both sides to real spiritual friendship and fellowship between deeply spiritual people and that mattering to me in a new way.’

Learning Opportunities within the Centre for Contemporary Spirituality

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    Thu 27

    Sarum Course in Spiritual Direction: Session 8: 27-28 January 2022

    Thu 27 January, 8:00 am to Fri 28 January, 5:00 pm
    Thu 24

    Sarum Course in Spiritual Direction: Session 9: 24-25 March 2022

    Thu 24 March, 8:00 am to Fri 25 March, 5:00 pm