Keith Lamdin on Leadership: Discontent, Vision and Courage

Leaders must be discontent with the status quo, have a vision for how it could be better and the courage to say so, according to Canon Keith Lamdin, who delivered an acclaimed talk at a recent Diocesan Conference for Headteachers (Wednesday 6 March).

The Director of Education for Salisbury Diocese, Chris Shepperd said, “When we invited Keith to speak, we knew that what he had to say would hit home with our headteachers. Leadership is hard in any sphere, but we knew our school leaders would recognise the truth of Keith’s advice and reflect together on how to face up to the real challenges in this time of rapid change.”

The day was organised by the Diocesan Board of Education in collaboration with schools across Dorset and Wiltshire. Read the full press release on the Diocese of Salisbury website.

Keith is the author of Finding Your Leadership Style (SPCK 2012). He discussed the book on BBC Wiltshire with presenter Lee Stone and the Bishop of Swindon, Dr Lee Rayfield.

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