Fond Farewell to David Catchpole

Students came together on Tuesday 26 June and staff and colleagues on Wednesday 27 June 2018 to say farewell to Professor David Catchpole who is retiring from TQQ after 20 years.

Over the years, hundreds of people have gathered in the Cavell Room on Tuesday evenings for the Theology Quest and Questions course (TQQ) to explore the gospels and Christian doctrine, some travelling a great distance to do so. One former TQQ student was so devoted she flew from Guernsey for an overnight stay each week during term time throughout the two-year course.

‘This whole community salutes David as he steps down from TQQ’, said The Revd Canon Professor James Woodward, Principal of Sarum College. ‘We offer him our deep gratitude for all that he has done to contribute to nourishing our learning at Sarum College.

‘David’s diligence, intellectual integrity and skill as a teacher have enriched us all. Many are indebted to his commitment to rigour and the search for truth in the study of Scripture.

We are glad that he will keep in touch with Sarum and look forward to seeing him in College in the future.’

TQQ and Biblical Study Breaks will continue to occupy a significant place in Sarum’s educational programme, which is committed to offering a diverse range of academic and experiential courses on matters of faith in an environment of open exploration.

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10 Responses to Fond Farewell to David Catchpole

  1. Andy Macqueen says:

    ?June, not July
    (TQQ graduate, now MTh :))

  2. Peter Tyrrell says:

    A problem with David Catchpole’s teaching was that he doesn’t believe in the supernatural, so for him the resurrection cannot be a fact. Also he was too uncritical of the methods used by German theologians like Bultmann et al. To take his place we need someone with a different point of view.

  3. Linda Salter says:

    26th and 27th July?

  4. Spencer Instone says:

    “Students came together on Tuesday 26 July and staff and colleagues on Wednesday 27 July ”
    Perhaps you meant June?
    And will David continue to give lectures or has he retired completely, not just from TQQ?

    • Sebastian Snook says:

      Hi Spencer. Yes, that should indeed be June. I have made that amendment to the post. David has retired from TQQ but will be returning to Sarum occasionally to teach. He has a one-day course, Gospel of Matthew, pencilled in for 20 November 2019.

  5. Peter Price says:

    I first met David when he was a tutor at Clifton (now part of Trinity) Theological College in Bristol, where I resided as a young teacher in 1966. Although with few thoughts of ordination then, I always enjoyed conversation with David, as well as muscling in on the occasional lecture. He was thought of as something of a radical then, largely due to the fact, I believe, that he invited students to think their way through Scripture, and particularly the New Testament. I have enjoyed my occasional encounters with David over the years, and believe that Sarum has been a gift to its many staff and students.

  6. J Knight says:

    I was lucky enough to be taught by Dr Catchpole in the Religious Studies Department at Lancaster University in the late 1960s. I remember the seriousness, clarity and reflective creativity of his lectures with gratitude to this day. Thank you.

  7. John Guy says:

    I think you have made a mistake with the dates. It should be June.

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