Explore Art Salisbury Launch on Saturday June 1

Sarum College is among the six visual arts venues that have come together to launch Explore Art Saturday in Salisbury to encourage people to visit the many galleries and exhibition spaces the city has to offer.

EASMembers organise visual art events in their venues on the first Saturday of the month to add further incentive to visit.  The first Explore Art Saturday is on June 1st and the number of venues is expected to grow as the idea develops.

“Cultural events are already a huge draw for people to visit Salisbury,” says Deborah Fox of the Fisherton Mill.  “We hope this will spread the word that the first Saturday of the month is an especially good time to visit for the visual arts.”

“The venues are all very different, ranging from independent young artists to well-established galleries,” explains Martin Urmson of the Urmson-Burnett Gallery.  “What we have in common is the aim to let people know that Salisbury is a great place to see art.”

Sarum College is showcasing the work of sculptor Anthony Abrahams who has turned his talents to drawing with an iPad.  The exhibition is open from 9 am to 5pm on Saturday.

Also on the first Explore Art Saturday line-up is:

Urmson-Burnett Gallery Installation and sculpture show with an interactive twist by Prudence Maltby and Henny Burnett. Called ‘Collectors Tracks’ the exhibition invites visitors to take away a miniature sculpture made from material collected during walks across the Wiltshire landscape.  From 11am – 5pm. Meet the artists between 2 and 4 pm when they will be happy to answer questions.

NewRed in Fisherton Street will be open from 11am to 3pm when you can find out about their 24-hour city portrait project which took place earlier this month.

Studio 53, George St, have an abstract show called ‘Distil’ which is open to view between 10am and 5pm.

Fisherton Mill invites you to meet the artists from their latest show ‘See art in photography’ between 12pm and 3pm. Opening hours 9.30 – 5.30pm.

Salisbury Arts Centre: Laurence Rushby’s installation ‘A Thousand Sheep’ is open 10am – 3pm. Between 11.30am – 2pm there is a family picnic with live sheep, shearing and wool-spinning.

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