Encircling the Christian Year: Book Launch with Barbara Mosse

Our latest book launch took place 13 September.

It was a bitter sweet occasion, as we were also saying ‘Goodbye’ to the author, our colleague Barbara Mosse, who is leaving us after six years on the academic staff.

About 15 people gathered to hear Barbara talk about her attractive book ‘Encircling the Christian Year: Liturgies and Reflections for the Seasons of the Church’.

Whether you need some inspiring words before a time of worship, a solid backbone to start a sermon, insights to read in your small group, or a saintly start to each Sunday ‘Encircling the Christian Year’ has it all and more. The ready-to-use style and simple structure means this resourceful book could be taken to every Sunday activity and used with confidence and ease.

The book also includes appropriate packages for every Christian festival in the calendar, allowing for more detailed reflection on the big Christian events.

Written by the experienced Barbara Mosse, this book incorporates everything you’ll need to accompany you through the Christian year.

The book is available from Sarum College Bookshop – call in or ask us to post.

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