Early Years Key in Fight Against Poverty – Frank Field

Frank Field, MP

2012 Niblett lecture presentation

2010 Report to the Prime Minister, The Foundation Years: Preventing Poor Children from Becoming Poor Adults

Arguing that society needs to take provision of services for the under 5s as seriously as it does compulsory education, this year’s Niblett Memorial Lecture speaker, the Rt Hon Frank Field made a strong case for redirecting government funds from current programmes such the child tax credit and the pupil premium to one which focuses support on the period between pregnancy to age 5.

In preventing an intergenerational cycle of disadvantage, parental impact is more important than class, “What parents do is more important than who they are,” he said.

In his response, the Rt Reverend Peter Selby called upon the audience of some 70 people that to remember that redressing the intergenerational fiscal imbalance is a responsibility we all share.

The Niblett Memorial Lecture is an annual event held in honour of Professor Roy Niblett CBE, a fellow at Sarum College, who died in 2005.

A distinguished and influential presence in British higher education for more than 50 years, Professor Niblett’s contribution to Christian thought and the life of the churches in this country was also considerable. A person of deep conviction, his work was distinguished by rigour, reason and a willingness to listen and exchange, which he regarded not as a potential hazard to faith, but as an essential expression of faith.

Niblett’s presence among Sarum Fellows was a powerful reminder to the College that at the heart of Sarum’s purpose is the promotion of dialogue on the profound religious, social and moral issues of our times.

Planning for next year’s lecture is underway. If you’d like to be notified when the date and speaker are confirmed, please email info@sarum.ac.uk.

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