Congratulations to Sarum Graduates!

Photographs by Ash Mills Photography

Each year on Presentation Day students along with their family and friends celebrate achieving their postgraduate qualification from Sarum College.

This year’s Presentation Day was held on Saturday 18 June 2016. As part of the presentation service there was an address by Dr Angus Paddison, Reader in Theology and Director of Academic and Development at the University of Winchester. The service concluded with prayers by Dr Barnabas Palfrey.

Postgraduate certificates were awarded to: Caterina Brown, John Dunne, Juliette Mintern, Timothy Scott and Samantha Whiley.

Postgraduate diplomas were awarded to: Joan Longley (posthumous) and Jane Manley.

Master’s degrees were awarded to: Jenny Alidina, Jean Andrews, Rosemary Beardow, Hilary Brand, Catherine Dearlove, Judith Egar, Jacqueline Gilks, David Jasper, Patricia Jose, Mary Melbourne, Nicholas Plant, David Rice, Hilary Spong, Rosemary Stiven, Julia Taylor, Keith Thomasson, Margaret Thorne, David Tomlinson, Ian Toombs, Sally Wadsworth and Hugh Wright.

Congratulations to all!

More information on Postgraduate Study at Sarum College

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  1. Maggie Thorne says:

    What a wonderful celebration of all of our achievements. Thank you Sarum College!

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