Retreats at Sarum College

Cathedral from CollegeSarum College offers a chance to unwind, be quiet and pray, sleep or walk, enjoy the Cathedral and its Close, browse in our library and read.

In addition to self-directed reflection, prayer and study, you can tailor your stay by adding mentored reflection, or opting for a guided study leave or sabbatical. Our Renewing Ministry programme includes sessions with a ministry consultant or spiritual director.

We also run individually guided retreats during advent and in the summer.

When I arrived, exhausted and sensitive, I was grateful not to be asked by Reception were I came from, whether I had had a good journey etc. That was the kind of hospitality I needed: a non-intrusive welcome that was found in ancient cultures and still survives in some societies today, where the host asks questions about a stranger and his journey only when the visitor has rested and been given food and drink.

If none of these options seem to fit with what you think you need, get in touch and talk to us.

Contact our hospitality team for more information. Email or telephone 01722 424800.

Association of Promoting Retreats Centenary Bursary Fund

This special bursary fund is designed to enable people to attend a retreat or quiet day who would otherwise be unable to do so due to financial constraints. As a member of the Association of Promoting Retreats, Sarum College can apply on your behalf for up to 50% of the total cost of a retreat or quiet day with a grant limit of £150.

If you would like more information on the bursary fund you can download the bursary fact sheet or contact us at Sarum College.  |  01722 424800

Ministry Bursary Awards

The Ecclesiastical Ministry Bursary Awards have helped hundreds of ministers to finance their extended study leave.  To find out more visit the Ecclesiastical website.