Tim Harle

Coordinator for the Centre for Leadership Learning and Programme Leader for the MA in Christian Approaches to Leadership

Email: tharle@sarum.ac.uk
+44 (0)1722 424805
Twitter: @timharle

Tim Harle lives at the interface of business and faith. He has worked at senior levels in service sector companies, ranging from a FTSE100 to a family-owned SME. Earlier in his career, he worked with government ministers in Whitehall. He combines this experience with insights from academic disciplines in the field of leadership and organisational studies. Tim is a Visiting Fellow at Bristol Business School, where he has taught at Masters level on People in Organizations; he was also progamme director for the executive short courses Leading through Complexity and New Thinking in Management. He serves as External Examiner for Masters courses at the Universities of Brighton and Gloucestershire.

Tim has contributed to several books on leadership for both business school and church audiences, most recently Leadership Matters? (Routledge, 2018) and Leading in a Second Chair (Grove Books, 2019). He undertook advanced management studies at INSEAD, Fontainebleau, and is a member of the British Academy of Management. He holds a Masters degree from Cambridge University.

Tim served as a Lay Canon on the Chapter of Bristol Cathedral, and is a Licensed Lay Minister (Reader) in the multi-parish benefice where he lives in rural North Wiltshire. He was Vice-Chair of MODEM, a network promoting mutual learning between churches and business in the areas of leadership, management and ministry. Tim’s special interest is in understanding leadership and change from the perspectives of ecosystems and complexity theory. Follow Tim @TimHarle.



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  • (2011) Embracing Chaos: Leadership Insights from Complexity Theory. (Cambridge: Grove Books).


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Book Chapters

  • (2018) ‘From Great to Good Enough: Reconnecting Leadership to the Ordinary’ in Chris Mabey & David Knights, eds, Leadership Matters? Finding Voice, Connection and Meaning in the 21st Century, (New York, NY: Routledge), pp115-128.
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Selected Other Publications and Papers

  • (2019) ‘Book review: Church Reform and Leadership of Change, eds Harald Askeland & Ulla Schmidt’, Modern Believing, 60(4), pp372-374.
  • (2016) ‘Book review: Management and the Gospel, by Bruno Dyck’, Faith in Business Quarterly, 18(1), pp31-32.
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Lectures and Conferences

Selected Lectures

  • (2014) Ministry and Management: Convergence, Divergence, and Prospects. Launch of Susanna Wesley Foundation, Roehampton.
  • (2013) Sustaining Leadership: On being comfortably out of control, STETS.
  • (2011) Embracing Chaos, Ripon College Cuddesdon.
  • (2009) After Newton: Emerging Patterns of Leadership, IEDC Bled School of Management, Slovenia.
  • (2008) Making Companies Whole, Ridley Hall, Cambridge.

Conference presentations

  • (2014) 14th International Studying Leadership Conference, Copenhagen: From Great to Good Enough: Embracing the Ordinary in Leadership.
  • (2013) European Institute for the Advanced Study of Management, 8th colloquium on organisational change and development, Ghent: Leaving Newton’s Highway.
  • (2012) 4th Developing Leadership Capacity Conference, Exeter: Leadership Development as Community of Enquiry.
  • (2011ab) International Leadership Association 13th Global Conference, London. Beyond Metaphor: Practical Leadership Implications of Complexity Theory and Forms of Attachment: New Insights for Leaders and Followers.
  • (2010) European Academy of Management 10th annual conference, Rome: Post-Newtonian Leadership.
  • (2009a) European Business Ethics Network UK 13th annual conference, Bristol: Take Me to Your Leader.
  • (2009b) From Global to Worldly Leadership, Leadership Trust: Fractal Leadership.
  • (2008) Organizations and Belief Systems, Tampa, FL: Embracing Chaos.
  • (2007a) 5th Critical Management Studies Conference, Manchester: Faith in Management.
  • (2007b) Society for Study of Christian Ethics, Oxford: Taking Control? A View from the Glasshouse.
  • (2005) 4th International Studying Leadership Conference, Lancaster: Change or Decay.
  • (2004) 3rd International Studying Leadership Conference, Exeter: Serenity, Courage and Wisdom.