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people listening and taking notes in a letcureSarum College hosts a variety of public events throughout the year, including lectures and conferences.

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Sarum Symposium

The Sarum Symposium is the exciting new direction for the annual Sarum Lectures.

The event brings together a panel each year to discuss truth and narrative from diverse perspectives, reflecting on questions such as:

  • How do stories help us to understand the world?
  • What are the stories we tell ourselves and others?
  • In what way is theology a narrative of truth?

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Sarum Lectures

The Sarum Lectures was an annual series of evening talks designed to make accessible to a wide audience the work of specialists in a variety of fields in the study of theology. Organised in partnership with Salisbury Cathedral, they generally formed the basis of a book published subsequently by Darton, Longman & Todd.

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Niblett Memorial Lecture

The lecture was held annually in honour of Professor Roy Niblett CBE and a fellow at Sarum College, who died in 2005.

A distinguished and influential presence in British higher education for more than 50 years, Professor Niblett’s contribution to Christian thought and the life of the churches in this country was also considerable. A person of deep conviction, his work was distinguished by rigour, reason and a willingness to listen and exchange, which he regarded not as a potential hazard to faith, but as an essential expression of faith.

Niblett’s presence among Sarum Fellows was a powerful reminder to the College that at the heart of Sarum’s purpose is the promotion of dialogue on the profound religious, social and moral issues of our times.

Niblett Memorial Lecture speakers were drawn from some aspect of public service and invited to reflect on the place of faith and/or ethics in their particular area of service.

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