Visual Arts Guidance Notes

Selling artworks

Sarum College is willing to offer artworks for sale, taking a  percentage donation to be agreed with artist prior to exhibition.


Formal invigilation of artworks will not be possible while artworks are displayed at the College. Prior to formal agreement of any exhibition the necessary security provisions should be identified and discussed with the College.

Transportation and Installation

Arrangement and payment for transportation, installation and de-installation of visual artworks at the beginning and end of any exhibition period is the responsibility of the artist and/or their representatives. Paintings should not exceed 12 kgs in weight in order to comply with weight restrictions of the tracking in College. The scheduling of installation/de-installation should be agreed in advance with the College.

Publicity, PR and Promotion

The College promotes exhibitions through printed publicity, press releases and the website. The College may be able to undertake special promotions (eg paid advertising) for a pre-arranged fee.

Private View Events

These will be undertaken in co-operation with the College at times to be agreed beforehand.


Artists will be expected to provide information which interprets the artwork, explains its origin, and sets it in context. The College and artists work together to produce appropriate interpretative material.