‘Plain English: A Wealth of Words’ Launched on 16 February, 2012.

On Thursday, February 16th, Bryan Evans launched his new book ‘Plain English: A Wealth of Words.’

The event was extremely well attended, with over twenty people coming to hear Bryan discuss the book and his motivation in writing it.

The event was so successful in fact, that we have now sold out of ‘Plain English’ but we can order copies for anyone who may have missed out. Thank you to everyone who came along to support Bryan, and the bookshop.

Plain English has its roots in the language spoken by the English 1000 and more years ago. It is a beautiful language, found in the King James Bible, the works of Jane Austen, and in the speeches of Lincoln and Churchill, which fosters clear thought and speech – a language for those who like to say much with few words.

The aim of this book is to help readers find plain English words for what they want to say. After first setting out the story of English, it then offers the reader one hundred words to get started with (‘shorten’ rather than ‘abbreviate’, ‘speed up’ instead of ‘accelerate’, ‘drive home’ rather than ’emphasise’, and so on.) The main body of the book lists more than 10,000 plain English words, and a list of some 3,600 borrowed words with suggestions about English words we might use instead.  The author aims to help readers think about the words they use, and in doing so speak and write more clearly.


4 Responses to ‘Plain English: A Wealth of Words’ Launched on 16 February, 2012.

  1. Paul Danon says:

    What evidence do you have that English somehow fosters clear thought in a way that, perhaps, other languages don’t?

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  3. Rev. Dr. Kate Titus says:

    Many thanks for the recommendation: another fine reference from the bookshop!

  4. Perhaps you could come along to the event and ask the author. We are hoping for some discussion.

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