Bookshop Bestsellers September 2012

1. Common worship Lectionary 2012 – 2013

2. Finding your Leadership Style by Keith Lamdin

3. SPCK CW & BCP Lectionary 2013

4. Everyday God by Paula Gooder (October’s Book of the Month)

5. Making Wise the Simple: The Torah in Christian Faith and Practice by Johanna W. H.   Van Wijk-Bos

6. This is Our Faith: a Popular Presentation of Church Teaching by Jeffrey John

7. Christian Doctrine (SCM Core Text Series) by Mike Higton

8. Introduction to Theology in Global Perspective by Stephen B. Bevans

9. Encircling the Christian Year: Liturgies and Reflections for the Seasons of the Church   by Barbara Mosse

10. Lion Storyteller Christmas Book by Bob Hartman

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