Bookshop Bestsellers October 2014

Sarum College BookshopAdvent appears to be a re-occurring theme for October.

Not only is Paula Gooder’s ‘Love Life Live Advent’ once again a bestseller, but Stephen Cottrell’s ‘Walking Backwards to Christmas’ is also proving to be a popular choice. This month we were also treated to a thought-provoking book launch from Dan-Cohn Sherbok and Mary Grey. They were introducing their new, co-written book ‘Debating Palestine and Israel’. The book is fundamentally a series of exchanges between the two authors and although both have very different views, both are pro-reconciliation and peace.

1. Common Worship Lectionary 2014-2015, Church House Publishing £4.99

2. SPCK Common Worship and Book of Common Prayer Lectionary 2015, SPCK £4.99

3. The Real Advent Calendar, £3.99

4. Debating Palestine and Israel by Dan-Cohn Sherbok and Mary Grey, Impress Books £12.99

5. Walking Backwards to Christmas by Stephen Cottrell, SPCK £7.99

6. Church Book and Desk Diary 2015, Canterbury Press Norwich £18.99

7. Acts and Omissions by Catherine Fox, SPCK £9.99

8. Love Life Live Advent by Paula Gooder and Peter Babington, Church House Publishing £1.50

9. Pilgrim: The Creeds (Grow Stage) by Stephen Cottrell et al, Church House Publishing £5.99

10. Enriching Ministry by Michael Paterson and Jessica Rose, SCM Press £25

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