Bookshop Bestsellers: March 2016

  1. NewBookshop2The Real Easter Egg, The Meaningful Chocolate Company, £3.99
  2. Palm Crosses (Bag of 50), African Palm Ltd, £9.99
  3. Abraham: A Journey Through Lent by Meg Warner, SPCK £7.99
  4. Unfurling: Poems by Ian Adams, Canterbury Press Norwich £9.99
  5. Pilgrim: The Eucharist by Steven Croft et al, Church House Publishing £5.99
  6. This Risen Existence by Paula Gooder, Canterbury Press Norwich £8.99
  7. Life in the Psalms: Contemporary Meaning in Modern Texts by Patrick Woodhouse, Bloomsbury £12.99
  8. Running Over Rocks by Ian Adams, Canterbury Press Norwich £9.99
  9. The Lion Storyteller Bible by Bob Hartman and Krisztina Kallai Nagy, Lion Hudson £15.99
  10. Our Last Awakening by Janet Morley, SPCK £9.99

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