Bookshop Bestsellers March 2013

1.   The Easter Story by Lois Rock.  Lion Hudson, £1

2.  Finding Your Leadership Style by Keith Lamdin.  SPCK £9.99

3.  Supporting New Ministers in Local Church by Keith Lamdin . SPCK £14.99

4.  Leaving the Reason Torn by Alison Goodlad.  Shoving Leopard £12.95

5.  Archbishop Justin Welby: the Road to Canterbury by Andrew Atherstone Darton, Longman & Todd £7.99

6.  The Resurrection of Peace by Mary Grey SPCK £7.99

7.  How to Live by Stephen Cottrell Church House Publishing, £9.99

8.  Christ in the Wilderness:  Reflecting on the Paintings by Stanley Spencer.  SPCK, £9.99

9.  The Art of Worship by Nicholas Holtam.   Yale University Press, £12.99

10. The Heart’s Time by Janet Morley.  SPCK £9.99

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