Bookshop Bestsellers: July 2018

  1. Phoebe by Paula Gooder, Hodder & Stoughton  £14.99
  2. Cancer: A Pilgrim Companion by Gillian Straine, SPCK £9.99
  3. Liturgy on the Edge by Samuel Wells, Canterbury Press £16.99
  4. Waiting for the Last Bus by Richard Holloway, Cannongate Books £14.99
  5. Being Human by Rowan Williams, SPCK £9.99
  6. A Guide to Salisbury Cathedral by The Salisbury Cathedral Close Preservation Society, £4
  7. Just This by Richard Rohr, SPCK £9.99
  8. One Unfolding Story by Michael Perham, Canterbury Press £14.99
  9. Sounding the Seasons by Malcolm Guite, Canterbury Press £9.99
  10. Valuing Age by James Woodward, SPCK £12.99

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