Bookshop Bestsellers: January 2015

Sarum College BookshopJudging by January’s bestsellers, Lent is fast approaching.

There are some lovely poetry and meditation books for Lent and Easter available, many of which made our top ten bestsellers. Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s Lent book for 2015, ‘In God’s Hands’, has proven to be extremely popular. Likewise, Janet Morley’s ‘The Heart’s Time’ has a beautiful poem for everyday throughout Lent and Easter.

1. In God’s Hands: Lent Book 2015 by Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Bloomsbury £9.99

2. On Rock or Sand? edited by John Sentamu, SPCK £9.99

3. Gladnesse of the Best edited by Rosie Clay, Friends of St. Andrew’s Bemerton £10

4. The Heart’s Time by Janet Morley, SPCK £9.99

5. Word in the Wilderness by Malcolm Guite, Canterbury Press Norwich £12.99

6. Cry of Wonder by Gerard W Hughes, Bloomsbury £12.99

7. Reflecting the Glory by Tom Wright, BRF £8.99

8. the Journey by John Pritchard, SPCK £7.99

9. Lent for Everyone – Mark – Year B by Tom Wright, SPCK £8.99 

10. Retreats 2015 by Retreat Association, £8

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