Bookshop Bestsellers: February 2017

  1. Receiving Christ in Five Different Ways York Course Booklet by Canon John Young, York Courses £3.99
  2. Let Me Go There: Spirit of Lent by Paula Gooder, Canterbury Press Norwich £8.99
  3. Finding Your Hidden Treasure by Benignus O’Rourke, Darton, Longman & Todd     £10.99
  4. The Way of Christlikeness by Michael Perham, Canterbury Press Norwich £16.99
  5. Transformed by the Presence of Jesus by Liz Babbs, CWR £4.99
  6. Dethroning Mammon: Making Money Serve Grace by Justin Welby, Bloomsbury £9.99
  7. How to Pray: A Practical Handbook by John Pritchard, SPCK £9.99
  8. Lectio Divina: From God’s Word to Our Lives by Enzo Bianchi, SPCK £10.99
  9. Life in the Psalms: Contemporary Meaning in Ancient Texts by Patrick Woodhouse, Bloomsbury £12.99
  10. Into the Silent Land by Martin Laird, Darton, Longman & Todd £10.99

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