Book of the Month: October 2016

9780281076215Advent for Everyone: A Journey Through Matthew by Tom Wright The Archbishop of York’s Advent Book 2016)

Tom Wright is a writer who needs no introduction, and this book is a brilliant addition to his long list of publications. For anyone who hasn’t picked up a book by this very popular author previously, now is the time to start.

The focus of this book is preparation, but not the preparations for Christmas that we are most familiar with: reading the Nativity story and the idea of giving (including shopping for presents.) For an advent book there is surprisingly little about the nativity story. The main focus of this book is preparing ourselves for the coming of Christ; making us into better Christians and creating a small glimpse of the Kingdom on Earth. ‘Time’ and ‘patience’ are other key themes in this book of preparation, but it is the concept of becoming a better follower of Christ that really concerns Tom Wright. ‘A journey though Matthew’ is the subtitle of this book, and it really is a journey through the key themes found throughout Matthew’s gospel; watching, repenting, healing and loving.

The book covers the four weeks of Advent starting each Sunday. Each day there is a bible passage, printed in full for convenience, a modern illustration of the main theme in the passage (usually an episode from Tom Wright’s life) and a more detailed explanation of the passage. In each section Wright discusses what the first readers of Matthew’s Gospel would have understood and what we can take away from it today. As ever Tom Wright’s depth and range of knowledge is clear in this book, but presented in an easily accessible way, making it an ideal read for both fans and newcomers alike.

This book is a pleasure to read and an ideal guide through the Advent season.

Reviewed by Lynette White, Sarum College

Buy Advent for Everyone: A Journey Through Matthew at the special price of £7.99 in the shop (posted out for free) or buy online for £5.99 + postage until 31 October 2016. RRP £8.99.

“If you do nothing else in your preparation for Christmas, read this book!…This is a highly accessible and imaginative Advent book that will be a great resource to individuals and parish groups…I am delighted to commend it to you as my Advent Book for 2016” – John Sentamu, Archbishop of York

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