Book of the Month: November 2017

Christmas Through the Keyhole by Derek Tidball

Human beings need to tell their stories and often the best of these are put to music. Sometimes we need help to see beyond the immediate into a wider and more imaginative horizon. Too easily we find ourselves distracted and even bored by religion and its meaning for us. This is as true for those of us who belong to the Church as for those who sit curiously on the outside straining their eyes to look, perhaps at what the Gospel may have to say about their human flourishing.

Derek Tidball is a skilled, creative and innovative communicator. All these skills are put to work in this book of meditations that run from 3 December through to 6 January. The focus is Luke’s songs recorded in that narrative as the songs of Mary, Zechariah, Simeon and the Angels at Bethlehem.

The themes of: the hope of the needy, the Redeemer of the world, the joy of the earth, the light of the nations and the splendour of creation are taken and explored within five sections each with a daily reflection. The book invites the reader to see and hear the songs of the birth of Christ as keyholes through which we can glimpse extraordinary and transformative things. Scripture is attended to carefully and broken open within the context of our complex and contradictory lives. We are challenged to consider and reconsider what kind of love might lie behind the doors which need opening for our illumination- to fill our minds with truth from God and put that love to work in our life.

You will be refreshed and enlarged through these pages. Read them carefully and explore how attention to the gracious promise of God might nurture wisdom and thankfulness.

Reviewed by Canon James Woodward, Principal of Sarum College

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